14s – Leiah

Tryout Results:

Rylee Harris
Taylor Rindal
Dakota Vandersloot
Isabel Paulson
Amelia Coyne
Makayla Janousek
Allie Gueco
Khloe Ivey
Jordyn Galloway
Ellie Meininger
Samantha Thomas
Margaret Borges

Practices will be Monday 6-8 at Larson & Wednesday,  6:00-8:00 at PJMS

14’s Coaching Staff

Coach Leiah first started her coaching career as a manager of her college team. Spending 4 years on the sidelines gave her a unique perspective that the average student athlete wouldn’t get. This is her first year as an ACE coach, and in the fall you can find her as an assistant coach at PHS. Follow us @acevbacademy on Instagram to watch the full interview of Leiah, and hear her story. .