15s Start The Season Strong

Tiffany’s 15s team had a strong performance at the preseason jamboree on Saturday. They only dropped one set on the day, and finished in first place.

This jamboree seeds teams for the opening tournament later in January. The top two finishers in each division will move up a division, and the bottom two will move down. At each consecutive tournament, the teams will play, and when all said and done, the same ladder effect will happen going into the following tournament.

With today’s performance, Tiffany’s 15s will be in Flight 4 on January 18th.

Win vs Inspire 15-1 score: 25-11
Win vs Midnight Sun Renee score: 15-17
Win vs Inspire 15-2 score: 25-23
Win vs Midnight Sun Morgan score: 25-23
Loss vs ACE Gary score: 18-25
Win vs Midnight Sun Keri score: 25-9

ACE Gary was the only team to beat Tiffany’s team. Gary’s 15s team placed 4th in the opening jamboree and is scheduled to play in Flight 5 on Jan 25. They go into their flight as the 2nd seeded team.