Organizationally – Our philosophy is simple and it starts with an elite coaching staff. Our staff are dedicated, caring, passionate, wonderful people with a great amount of coaching experience. We have coaches who have 30+ years of coaching experience. The majority of our coaches played or coached at a high school or college level. In addition to our coaching staff, administratively we strive to make your experience at ACE as seamless and as rewarding as possible. We work tirelessly and diligently behind the scenes to provide our families the best support and value for their dollar. We are accessible and transparent and we are strong proponents of following the rules and code of conduct as written by our governing body, USA Volleyball.

Training – We employ a common strategic training philosophy throughout our club, from our youngest 10 year old team to our oldest 18 year old team. Each year we progressively build on the foundation laid the prior year to ensure continued growth and development in our players physically, mentally and strategically. Our number one priority is to train hard by employing the drills and strategies that years of experience has taught us and continue educating our coaches on the use of the latest innovations.  By using time tested as well as the latest and greatest strategies and drills, we believe our athletes are pushed to be their best. Through internal and external coaching master mind sessions our staff is prepared to challenge each and every athlete by utilizing the same core technical training philosophy at every level throughout ACE.

Success & Core Values – Individual and team growth is how we measure success at ACE. We do not measure success only in terms of wins and losses. As a club and as athletes in any competition, we play to win. We intend to have a winning program but it does not mean we win all the time or strive to win at all costs. If our “growth mindset” is to work hard to be the best we can be individually and as a team, then the winning will take care of itself. It only works if everyone is “All-In.” We expect all ACE athletes to COMPETE to the best of their ability!

The pressure of winning at all cost is not a healthy approach to entering competition. Having fun while competing is a mindset and any athlete will tell you that the more relaxed you are mentally the more success you will have. Mental focus and positive thoughts lead to better technical and physical execution. Winning becomes a byproduct of hard work, team work, effort and focus. If we lose after putting forth our best effort, after knowing that we trained and pushed ourselves as hard as we could, then perhaps the better team won that day. However, we have succeeded because we know mentally we competed and grew that day by giving it our all even though we lost. If we lose because we slacked off, did not put forth our best effort and had a poor attitude or poor preparation, then we failed not only in our quest for success but we cheated ourselves, our teammates, coaches and club of performing to our highest ability.

We train our coaches to not only train our athletes physically but also work on mental toughness and maturity. Sports (not winning alone) add so much value to a child’s development. They build strong character, work ethic and sportsmanship. They learn time management, dedication, goal-setting and how to get along with and respect others (win or lose). Learning to compete through playing sports is so valuable and all of these skills transfer to every facet of life. We want our athletes to be well-balanced young women. We want them to compete at the highest level but we also want them to be ready for the trials and tribulations that life will throw at them along the way and competing is a great way to learn how to overcome adversity.