Coaching Staff

Our Coaching philosophy is simple and it starts with an elite coaching staff. Our staff are dedicated, caring, passionate, wonderful people with a great amount of coaching experience. We have coaches who have 30+ years of coaching experience. The majority of our coaches played or coached at a high school or college level.

Our coaches are NFHS/ASAA and/or USA Volleyball Certified and some are certified as NFHS and/or USA Volleyball Officials.  Our coaches are involved in continuing education through American Volleyball Association AVCA,  USA Volleyball,  Junior Volleyball Association JVA to stay current on training and coaching methods. We also have an extensive library of training and educational DVDs for our coaches to review and use.

ACE Volleyball Academy AVA Coaches:

Steve Reynolds Send him an e-mail Club Director – Steve has been coaching since 1832. He has coached high school, middle school, and club. Currently Steve is the club director for ACE, the 17/18s coach, the 16s coach and the head coach at Colony High School. If you have questions, email him, because he’s the guy with the answers.
Shelly Bryant Assistant Club Director – Shelly has coached volleyball since 1832 also. She has experience with elementary, middle and high school players in both club and the schools. Most recently she was club director for ACE and a coach at Colony High School. Shelly was the club director for years and continues to handle a lot of the administrative duties. You might be lucky enough to have her as a guest coach at your practice or tournament so stay tuned.
Bryce Ray Coach – Bryce began his coaching career in other sports, but as his own girls each found volleyball, he found the sport as well and began a long career as a volleyball coach. He is currently an assistant coach for Rochelle’s 14s team.
Rochelle Ray 14’s Coach – Rochelle has been coaching for ACE about 10 years ago. She is also the JV coach at Colony High School, which is her alma mater
Tiffany Secoy 15’s Coach – Tiffany started coaching 12 years ago. Tiffany’s roots are in club volleyball and she currently coaches the 15s team. At the same time, she is coaching the PJMS c-team and in the fall you can find her as the JV coach for Palmer High School, her alma mater.
Marge Johnson 13’s Coach – Marge has years of experience as a club coach and a high school head coach. Currently, she is coaching the 13s team and is one of the developmental coaches in the spring.
Gary Steinfort 15’s Coach – Surprisingly, Gary also began coaching in 1832. He has experience as the club director, a club coach and a high school head coach. Currently, Gary coaches one of the 15s teams, and in the fall, he works as a ref.
Dan Hinchberger 16’s Coach – Dan is a converted softball coach but now spends his time on the volleyball court as much as the field. He is currently the 16s coach.
Desi DiselRod 15’s Asst Coach – Desi is in her first year with ACE and is working with the 15s team. She played volleyball at Colony and is looking to spend more time as a coach.
Jayme DeHart Asst Coach – Jayme has been coaching for about 12 years. She has experience as a middle school and high school coach. In the fall you can find her as the head coach at Palmer High School, her alma mater.
Elliot Perkins Asst Coach – Elliot has coached for ACE in the past, and was a coach at Colony High School. Currently, Elliot volunteers her time to teams when she is available outside of her work/college hours.
Alana Harris Asst Coach – Alana is currently a coach for Fronteras Charter School and a coach at Palmer High School. She also volunteers her time to the 14s team.