Comp Team Philosophy



Touches Teach the Game

Fundamentals are Key

Feedback is Key

Playing Time is Earned

Competitive at the Highest Level

Team practices are held twice each week for 2 hours and additional training/playing opportunities are available on select Fridays. The goal of these teams depends on the skill level and interest of each team individually.

The majority of these teams are formed to train and compete at a high level.
Teams will compete in the AK Region tournaments.  Travel Teams will compete in one or more out of state tournaments.  Traveling is an extra expense on top of regular season fees.  Travel expenses are estimated at $700-800 plus airfare.
These teams are formed with similar skill level players with common goals and expectations for their club season, selected at tryouts. Playing time is fair, but not necessarily equal.  Please see the playing time tab at the top of the page.