Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our club.  Please read through the FAQ and if you still have questions, feel free to shoot Steve an email.

General Questions

How long has ACE been an active club?

ACE Volleyball Academy has been around for about 30 years providing the high level of coaching for local players.

Does the club offer a team in every age division?

ACE offers the following teams  17U, 16U, 15U, 14U, 13U & younger developmental teams.

How many players are kept on the team?

ACE teams have approximately 10 players each. This provides a good number for practice drills and game subs.

Is playing time guaranteed?

ACE comp teams do not have a guaranteed amount of playing time for each athlete, but coaches attempt to provide players with a reasonable amount of playing time at each tournament, unless there are disciplinary or practice attendance problems.

When will the final roster for each team be determined?

ACE will be publish tentative rosters a few days after each tryout and final rosters will occur soon after the financial commitment date.

Are there travel opportunities?

Yes.  Out of state travel costs are approximately $700-900 a trip excluding airfare.  ACE fees are almost all inclusive covering lodging, meal local transportation, tournament fees, extra jerseys.

Will this club prepare me for high school volleyball?

ACE trains players to improve their weak areas and build on their strengths and pushing them to their athlete and mental limits.

Will ACE help me get a volleyball scholarship?

ACE helps players improve their skills to play at the next level. ACE Coaches are on the lookout for colleges that need top quality players.

What is the commitment level?

It is a big commitment to play for a club program and players are expected to be at practice.  ACE is cooperative within reason. There are a few instances that the club may excuse you for being late or absent. 14U & 13U player that play valley middle school volleyball are automatically excused for arriving late to practices.

What if my son/daughter gets hurt during the season?

ACE Fees will be prorate for the portion of the season played by an injured player.

How does the club communicate with the parents/players?

ACE uses this website, a facebook page and uses Sports Engine to send out team and club information.

What is the chain of command if I have an issue?

ACE chain of command for issue resolution is:
  1. Player talks with coach
  2. Parent talks with coach
  3. Parent contacts club director
Parents should wait until after a practice to tournament to talk with a coach.

Practices & Tournaments

How many practices are there per week?

ACE practices twice a week and sometimes an optional 3rd practice.

How long is each practice?

ACE practices last 90 to 120 minutes.

Where are practices held?

Practices are held at local (MSBSD) schools or the MTA Sports Center.

Are parents permitted to watch?

Most ACE coaches allow parents to watch as long as they do not interfere with the practices or attempt to coach their child from the sidelines.

How many tournaments are played in each month?

Your team will typically play one weekend a month.  Tournaments are typically held at the O’Mally Sports Complex in Anchorage and you may have a tournament at the MTA Sports Center in the valley as well.

How many are out-of-state tournaments for the travel teams?

If you are on a travel team (optional) your team will finish it’s season with a tournament in the lower 48, typically the Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane Washington.  There is 1 trip per travel team.  In 2020 ACE plans to travel to one tournament in Spokane Wash with age groups 17U, 16U, 15U, 14U and possible 18U.

How are travel arrangements handled?

ACE does not handle flight arrangements, but covers all player lodging, food, local transportation, and tournament fees. Parents must make player flight arrangement and are encouraged to have their athlete fly with the coaching staff.

Does the club offer parent travel?

ACE parents are welcome to travel and support the ACE teams at the tournament, but ACE does not handle and Parent travel.


How many coaches are staffed per team?

ACE has 1-2 certified coaches per team to provide a high level of instruction.

What are their qualifications?

ACE coaches are USAV Impact and Safe Sport certified. Most head coaches have 10-30 years experience and have coaches at the HS varsity level.


What is the cost for the regular club season?

Regular Season – $625. This fee covers coaching for the season, gym rental, USA Volleyball membership, practice t-shirts, sweatshirt, uniform jersey, possible bag, and entry fees for local tournaments. ACE Volleyball can keep their prices down because we use local school gyms. We always work to make up any practices that are cancelled because of school events, bad weather and even earthquakes. Travel Team – $700-900 a trip excluding airfare.  ACE fees are almost all inclusive covering lodging, meal local transportation, tournament fees, extra jerseys. Payment Timeline: An up front commitment deposit of $225 is due when you sign your commitment. You can choose to pay the entire regular season fee at this time, or you can split the remaining balance into 2 additional installments. Fundraising: ACE parents can organize fund raising, but it must be approved by the ACE club director.

Other Perks/Requirements

Car Pooling and Club/Team outings throughout the year?

ACE team parents are encouraged to communicate with other parents to arrange car pools. ACE Coaches do not transport players exempt during travel tournament or emergencies.

Are there Clinics/camps throughout the year?

ACE may offer a few extra skills clinics.

Is there college recruiting help?

ACE coaches have a lot of experience and contacts and can help player with recruiting topics. Several coaches belong to national American Volleyball Coaches Assoc (AVCA) which includes most college coaches.

Does the club have their own facility?

ACE rents local facilities for practices and tournaments. Renting courts at local schools is far less expensive than renting a private facility. That is how we can keep our cost lower than other clubs and still maintain excellent training.